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Pune, 28 May 2022: To make the Pune-Mumbai railway line safer during the rainy season, the railways have undertaken to install CCTV cameras at 145 locations in the Ghats. In addition, no less than 594 dangerous places will be secured. Some of these piles will be removed by the railway administration, while others will be secured with nets.

The tunnel is protected from the inside by a wall of unused rails. Every year during monsoons, the Lonavala-Karjat railway line collapses due to landslides, and sometimes large stones fall on the tracks causing severe damage to the tracks. As a precautionary measure, the railway administration decided to install 145 CCTV cameras in 58 tunnels, of which 87 cameras were installed.

In places where a large number of pedestrians collapse, a network of rails has been erected. This will cause the collapsing rails to become blocked. He will be prohibited from entering the track. Thus, the railway will not be disturbed.

Large control room base

During the monsoon season, Borghat receives heavy rain every year. It is very difficult to keep an eye on a patient in the dark or to locate him when he is falling. It has 58 tunnels over a 28 km course and is one of the steepest slopes in the country. Working here is very difficult. Therefore, the railway administration installed CCTV cameras on both sides of the 58 tunnels. It is monitored from the Mumbai control room.

Screening of 594 patients in Borghat

Shivaji Sutar, Director of Public Relations, Central Railway Mumbai, said: “Just as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Mavala climbed up or down the fort using ropes, Railway’s Hill gang Squad staff did the same, descending the valleys along the ghats. From there, the dangerous puddle is let loose. So as not to ride this track in the rain. So far, 594 Borghat patients have been screened. Some of them will be removed, while others will be secured with nets.

“The railway administration has taken various measures to ensure that the railway service is not due to landslides. This includes everything from CCTV to Hill gang training. We are taking action with passenger safety in mind,” he added.


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