66th Railroad Week celebrated at Rail Wheel Factory


Ajai Kumar Dubey, General Manager, Rail Wheel Factory recognized deserving employees who have excelled in their performance in the year 2020-21.

Ajai Kumar Dubey, Managing Director, then addressed the assembly and highlighted the performance of Rail Wheel Factory in the years 2020-21 and 2021-22.

• In the year 2020-21, RWF manufactured 1,23,678 wheels, 60,492 axle units and 50,608 axles, with a turnover of RWF in the year 2020-21 was 1032 , 64 crores.

• Despite the COVID lockdown, RWF recorded sales from non-rail customers to the tune of 208.69 crore. Scrap metal worth 27.31 crore was sold in the year 2020-21.

• RWF manufactured the 4 millionth wheel on 21.10.2020.

• RWF designed and manufactured 90 wheels and 45 axles for the Mozambique Railways diesel locomotive and shipped to DLW for assembly and manufacture of locomotives for export to Mozambique Railways.

• For the very first time, RWF launched four types of wheels, ie Mozambique Coaching, UEM, BMRCL Prototype and BG Coaching in One Day.

• The in-house automatic scrap cutting plant has improved working conditions for PC Bay employees.

• The bottling plant for oxygen cylinders to meet medical oxygen needs is ready for use.

• The standardization furnace has been converted from fuel oil to PNG ensuring cleaner air and savings of Rs.17Cr. annually.

PN Jha, PCME and other senior heads of departments, Mamta Dubey, president of the RWF women’s welfare organization and other members, staff council and SC / ST association members were present during function.

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Posted on: Sunday October 31, 2021 19:09 IST


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