A train car used in the filming of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible hits the Derbyshire railway bridge


One of the train cars used in the filming of Mission Impossible, starring Tom Cruise, collided with the Derbyshire Rail Bridge.

The wagon was being transported from a quarry near Stoney Middleton to the Hornsbridge roundabout when police directed it under a bridge which was not high enough near Chesterfield, Derbyshire Live reports.

Traffic around the roundabout was halted at the start of the evening rush hour on Thursday 23 September.

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The cart has reportedly been transported from the filming of the film Mission Impossible 7 to Dalton Quarry near Stoney Middleton where it was dropped from the cliff of a Derbyshire quarry almost two weeks ago.

He had been taken under the bridge by a police escort, Sara Whyman, who took the photo of the accident and commented on her social media account: “I just heard of an accident, I looked beside it from me and bam, dude from the van ran down. “

The car was stuck under the bridge despite the driver being directed below by the police

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise, who stars in the Mission Impossible franchise, made several trips to North Derbyshire during filming.

In August, the production company drove a locomotive off the edge of the cliff, smashing it into the quarry floor in one of the spectacular stunts that were to be included in the film itself.

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The blue wagon, which got stuck under the railway bridge at Chesterfield, clearly shows signs of damage from its journey to the bottom of the quarry with the roof bent and dented and the side pushed towards where the passengers would normally be seated.

The car was cleared shortly after 5 p.m. and the roundabout returned to normal.


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