A year of constant expansion of the rail network for Southern Railway (SR)


Infrastructure development
 Doubling, 3rd lines, gauge conversion projects –

Southern Railway has worked tirelessly for the expansion of its network in order to obtain better mobilization as well as to carry more freight traffic.

To this end, the following works were completed in 2021-

The gauge conversion works have been completed for 58 Kms in the Madurai – Usilampatti – Andipatti section.
The 3rd line works were completed over 30 km in the Tambaram – Chengalpattu section.
In total, 183 Kms of doubling works were completed on the following sections – Mecheri – Omalur road (13 Kms), Tambaram – Chengalpattu 3rd line (30 Kms), Kovilpatti – Kadambur (23 Kms), Tirumangalam – Tulukapatti (41 Kms ), Tattaparai – Milavittan doubling (7.47 Kms), Ambalapuzha – Harippad (18.13 Kms), Netravati – Mangalore Central (1.69 Km), Kovilpatti- Kadambur (23 Kms), Tirumangalam – Tulukapatti (41 Kms), Gangaikondan – Tirunelveli (14.5 Kms).

 Electrification projects–
 The Southern Railway is implementing several electrification projects at a rapid pace to meet Indian Railways’ goal of electrifying 100% of its network by December 2023.

Electrification works totaling 310 Rkm were completed in 2021 on the following sections – Mangalore – Panambur (22 RKM, Virudhachalam – Port of Cudadore (55.48 Rkm), Nidamangalam – Mannargudi (13.98 Rkm) , Pollachi – Podanur (38Kms), Madurai
– Manamadurai (46Kms) and Salem – Vridhachalam (135 Rkm).

Security –
Southern Railway’s safety performance in 2021 showed marked improvement.
2021 There were no consecutive or indicative train accidents.

40 LCs were eliminated and 60 LC numbers were nested during the year 2021.
All unlocked LC doors in Chennai and Palakkad Divisions have been eliminated.
 Improved mobility
34 PSRs are removed and 1 PSR has been released.
The works to supply double-distance signaling in the Arakonam-Renigunta section, HDN7 road have been completed.
Section speed increased from 100 to 110 km / h for 137 km, 90 to 100 km / h for 37.62 km, 75 to 100 km / h for 59 km and loop line speed increased from 15 to 30 km / h for 282 Kms.
The construction substructure works of 02 pile foundations and 06 pile caps have been completed in the 9R ROB works in the MAS division.
29 nos. of FOB completed and 27 nos. bridge rehabilitation work has been completed.
Passenger / Freight Business –
The Southern Railway Data Center at Moore Market Complex, Chennai, which caters to the Passenger Reservation System (PRS), Reservationless Ticket System (UTS) and mobile ticketing system on South, Southwest and Central South Railways was revamped at a cost of Rs. 14.31 Cr. The Data Center is now equipped with futuristic communication equipment and cutting-edge technology to enhance the various ticketing services.
Almost 100% of Mail / Express and Suburban services operated during pre-COVID times have been restored. All travel restrictions previously imposed on Chennai’s suburban network have also been lifted. Unreserved cars are also being gradually restored in popular trains.
Passengers benefited from the opening of an integrated refreshment and kitchen unit at MGR Chennai Central, Villupuram, Tiruchirapalli and at Virudunagar and Fast Foot Unit in Virudachalam.
Car traffic (including Road-Railer): Southern railways experienced the highest car load on record in 2021. In the fiscal year to November 2021, 522 car rakes (275 BCACBM, 224 NMG and 23 Road-Railer) were loaded, which generated income of Rs 118.49 Cr.
Rented and Unleased PV: Until November 2021, 366 PV have been loaded, which generated revenue of Rs 6.42.
Rented and Unleased PCET: Until November 2021, 120 round trips were made, which generated income of Rs 16.39.
Business Development Unit: EDR effort, until November 2021, a load of 70,00.58 tons was carried out, the main components being the carbon black feedstock, laterite, RMSP and the automobiles were loaded, which generated revenue of Rs 67.18.
The original income at the end of November 2021 showed an increase of Rs. 2404.54 Cr. (137.95%) compared to the previous year.

Generations / Energy savings –
5 x 2.1 MW wind turbines generated until November 2021 2 21 91 029 kWh.
The dual-mode crew tour car (Prakriti) was developed in the Avadi workshop and put into service on 22.12.2021. It can be used in “OHE” or “Battery” mode. Savings of Rs. 15 lakhs / year in monetary terms are expected. In addition, a reduction in CO2 emissions of 47,520 kg thanks to the savings of 18,000 liters of diesel

Dr MGR Chennai Central demonstrates our energy conservation efforts by becoming the first train station in the area to meet 100% of its daytime energy needs by installing 1.5 MWp solar panels on platform shelters. form. A capacity of 10.5 MW of wind turbines has been erected generating 70 million units leading to a theoretical saving of Rs. 38 Cr.
The introduction of the dual-mode shunting locomotive (PASUMAI series) eliminated the need for a diesel shunting locomotive and resulted in an annual saving of Rs.3.66 Cr. At present, 5 nos. dual-mode locomotives are used in the yard of Tambaram and Basin Bridge.

 Distinctions / Other achievements-
The first natively constructed coal-fired X-class steam locomotive capable of operating on the Nilgri Mountain railroads was made in the Golden Rock workshop.
The 1st T.No 12007/12008 MAS-MYS-MAS Shatabdi exp in SR, has been certified by IMS for international standards.
The Coimbatore station of the Salem division has been classified “PLATINUM” by the IGBC under the umbrella of the Confederation of Indian Industry CII.
The 13.09.2021.
Railway Hospital / Erode is awarded with the National Energy Conservation Award-2021.
The Confederation of Indian Industry has awarded GOC Shops / SR the “EXCELLENT ENERGY EFFICIENT UNIT” award for the year 2021 in the automotive industry and engineering sector. This prize is awarded by GOC Shops for the 2nd consecutive year.
63 railway stations out of 72 major nominated stations obtained the Consent to Operate (CTO) from the respective National Pollution Control Board (SPCB) in 2021.
Basketball player Ms. P. Anitha was honored with the prestigious Padma Shri Awards this year. Athlete Ms. Revathi Veeramani also made us proud by representing the nation at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

Covid management –
Of the 10,285 COVID patients treated across the railroad at various railroad hospitals and health units, the new COVID block at Perambur hospital alone accounted for 4,241 successfully treated and recovered patients.
Oxygen generators have been installed at Perambur RH. Madurai RH, Tiruchirppalli RH to meet the requirements. Oxygen generators have also been purchased for other divisional hospitals.
On 08.28.2021, SR inaugurated a Covid pediatric service in the new RH / PER premises. Facility – 60 bed houses, 8 pediatric beds and 8 other neonatal intensive care units.

Benefits that are worth ?? 10,000


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