Aberdeen-Dundee railway line reopens tomorrow after tragic derailment at Stonehaven



Tomorrow, Tuesday November 3, the railway line will reopen between Aberdeen and Dundee after repair work following the tragic derailment near Stonehaven in August.

On August 12, the ScotRail Aberdeen-Glasgow train service at 6:38 a.m. struck a landslide near Stonehaven, the train derailed with tragic consequences. Conductor Brett McCullough, conductor Donald Dinnie and passenger Christopher Stuchbury all sadly lost their lives in the incident.

Significant damage was caused to the embankments, track and bridge during the Carmont incident near Stonehaven.

Network Rail has been working since the derailment to restore services. First to support the accident investigation work, then to recover the train and begin the task of repairing the tracks.

Credit: Rail network

Five hundred meters of damaged tracks were replaced as well as 70 meters of bridge parapets and 400 meters of cables.

A shuttle service operates between Aberdeen and Stonehaven and between Montrose and Edinburgh.

The RAIB will issue a report on the derailment in due course and released its initial findings in August.

Alex Hynes, Managing Director of Scotland’s Railway, said: ‘We continue to work closely with accident investigators as we seek to learn from this tragedy and make our railway as safe as possible for our company. people and our passengers.

“Our hearts remain with the families and friends of Brett, Donald and Christopher as well as the other passengers and colleagues who were affected by the accident.

“Our engineers worked around the clock to repair and reopen the tracks and we thank all of our customers and neighbors for the understanding they showed during this difficult and painful event.”

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