Abuja buys diesel multiple unit, others for railway


The Federal Capital Territory administration purchased four sets of brand new diesel multiple unit, rescue cranes and rail grinders to restore Abuja’s rail mass transit service.

CTF Transport Secretariat Secretary Zakari Angulu made the revelation at a press conference Thursday in Abuja.

Angulu said the importance of the light rail as a means of mass transportation for people cannot be overstated, adding that the service will provide residents with a cheap, efficient and safe transportation system.

He added that restoring rail service would also provide residents with environmentally friendly transportation systems, as this would provide an additional source of income for the administration of the FCT.

“We visited some stations as part of the Abuja Rail Mass Transit project, namely the metro station and Idu locomotive station as part of my familiarization visit to the transport secretariat project site.

“We saw the urgent need to get the transit program back on track after the long disruption of operations that has occurred as part of efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the CTF.

“We are back at the drawing board to see when Abuja Rail Transit (ARMT) services will be restored.

“To date, four sets of all new Diesel Multiple Unit (DMUS) –01.02.03 and 04, rescue cranes and rail grinders have been delivered.

“Although one of the DMUS was used during the familiarization tour from the metro station to the Idu locomotive fleet, efforts are at their peak to rehabilitate the rail facilities that have been vandalized so that our scheduled resumption of operations passenger service can begin as soon as possible. ” Angulu said.

Angulu said the secretariat was developing measures that would make traveling along the tracks pleasant and incident-free in order to keep unauthorized people, including animals, away from the tracks.

“While we wish to resume operations with the four DMUSs, the administration expects the delivery of the remaining eight sets of DMUs from China in the near future.

“Work will soon resume on Lot 1A at 5.76 km (from Gbazango to Kubwa) to complete lots 1 and 3 of the Abuja light rail project. ”

The secretary said the FCT administration will continue to provide pedestrian bridges in very critical areas where large numbers of people often converge to cross from one end of the road to the other.

“The bridges under construction are as follows; Kitwe Street behind Wuse Market, Kubwa Expressway via Arab Junction, Dutse Alhaji, Lungi Barracks, Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway via Gudu Junction, Katampe, Jahi and Sabon Lugbe. These projects are at various levels of completion, ”he said.

Angulu revealed that the FCT’s Road Traffic Services Directorate generated N 3,795,634,120.78 between January and the end of November, saying “this is an improvement over the 3,502,783,176, 08 N generated between January.
until December 2020. ”

He assured management that it will step up its efforts in 2022 to surpass the achievements recorded in 2021.



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