An update on Swanage Railway T3 Steam Locomotive No. 563


The 563 Locomotive Group has released an update on the progress being made to return LSWR T3 No. 563 to service.

As you will see, work is progressing well, with the main focus being on finishing the flour mill boiler.

Work continued at a brisk pace at the mill. Coupling and connecting rods have now been fitted to 563 and now means all valve gear is now in place.

Work also progressed on the cab roof, piping routing for the steam heater, lubrication system, front and rear cylinder covers were fitted and work progressed on the injectors.

In the near future, the group hopes to have an ensign start lining up the locomotive.

Work on the locomotive’s boiler continued, with work in progress to drill the holes for the stays and fitting the stays. The group says this will remain the task of the Flour Mill for the next few months.

Work is progressing on the 563s boiler // Credit: 563 Locomotive Group

Moving on to the tender, volunteers from 563 Locomotive Group, Swanage Railway staff and volunteers from Southern Locomotive Ltd have been working to advance work on the tender over the past few months .

On the frames and wheels, the main task was to needle gun and wire brush the paint and rust before applying the primer.

Work on tender frameworks for 563
Work on the tender chassis for 563 // Credit: 563 Locomotive Group

If you would like to help, there is a regular group of volunteers working on Wednesdays, you can email [email protected] to know more.

At Herston Works, work focused on refurbishing the tender and locomotive parts. This includes spring lines and brake rigging for the tender.

The vapor brake was dismantled and found to be practically new and the group believe it was replaced in 1948/60.


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