Another locomotive derailed


– ArcelorMittal Liberia attributes final instance to “criminal activity

ArcelorMittal, the Indian steel giant that operates in the Nimba Mountains in the mining town of Yekepa, has reported another derailment of its locomotive.

According to a statement released by the company yesterday, it was 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 21, when the locomotive was traveling from Tokadeh in Nimba County to Buchanan Port when it was allegedly the target of criminal activity that led to the derailment. .

“One of his locomotives traveling from Tokadeh in Nimba County to Buchanan was the target of criminal activity which resulted in an incident on the railroad around kilometer 215 near Sanniquellie. The alleged target of these criminals was the tarpaulins covering the iron ore wagons to prevent moisture from the ore, ”the statement said.

The statement said that during the attack, some of the moving cars were deliberately disconnected from its braking systems and deviated from the tracks, damaging part of the track.

There are no reports of deaths or injuries, and the company says it is assessing the impact and working with police and other security authorities to investigate the case. The company says it condemns the attack on their property and notes that it will not help the Liberian people but will create an environment of instability that will keep other investors away.

ArcelorMittal recently ratified its deal with the Liberian government and will invest $ 800 million in mining. Most recently, ArcelorMittal sent four Liberian students abroad to study in different fields as part of its scholarship program.

On the other hand, commentators say that the fault may be with the rail because it has gone unrehabilitated for a long time. Before Mittal started using the rail, the company first rehabilitated it from Yekepa to Buchanan.

Although this current derailment is the result of criminal activity, as management claims, there have been a few instances of derailment along the Yekepa to Buchanan railroad track in recent times. Recall that in June 2020, a 66-car locomotive carrying iron ore from Yekepa to Buchanan derailed near Zuluyee, a village not far from the commercial town of Ganta. In addition, in May this year, two of the company’s locomotives, traveling in opposite directions, collided near Constance’s farm. The company attributed the collision to an “internal communication fault”.

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