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Raihead Corp. has been awarded a contract to supply ArcelorMittal with a new remote monitoring and 4K video recording system for its mining railway Cartier, Quebec, Canada. The technology will provide ArcelorMittal with real-time monitoring and access to locomotive data as its trains travel between mining operations and shipping ports in Canada.

line head will provide its fleet-wide tracking solution and remote monitoring capability which includes a full back-office, 12-channel 4K digital locomotive video recorder (LDVR4K®), fuel consumption monitoring, GPS train tracking and integration with several existing on-board systems and event recorders. “With these capabilities, ArcelorMittal will be able to maximize the operations of its mining operations and the transport of iron ore from active mines in extremely remote locations in Quebec and the shipping port 300 miles further south,” said said Railhead.

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The video portion of the system will provide remote access to on-board video as well as video capture and storage in accordance with Transport Canada requirements. On-board cameras include Railhead’s exclusive dual-view camera which captures “the most accurate representation of what the engineer sees from the cabin”. A 360 degree camera and an interior dome camera will monitor both the engineer’s activities as well as the dashboard and instrumentation. An outdoor camera, “suitable for extreme weather conditions”, will be fitted to the rear of each locomotive and housed in a bespoke enclosure for added protection. Railhead will provide a collision-resistant memory device that provides additional protection for stored video in the event of an incident. ArcelorMittal’s remote monitoring solution has the added capability of automatically switching between cellular and satellite for data transmission of trains in remote locations at the administrative office in Port-Cartier, Quebec.

“Railhead was very fortunate to work with a customer like ArcelorMittal,” said Kathy Broadwell, Vice President of Product Development for Railhead. “We were able to provide custom software, hardware and services to meet their unique needs. The system was designed to expand and evolve as ArcelorMittal’s operations and needs grow and change, resulting in a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

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Arcelor Mittal, headquartered in Luxembourg, is a global steel and mining company. The Cartier Railway (reporting marks AMMC, AMIC formerly CFC and QCM) is a 260-mile private railway operated in the province of Quebec in Canada by the Compagnie de chemin de fer Cartier, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arcelor Mittal (formerly Quebec Cartier Mining Company). The railway connects the company’s iron ore mine at Mont-Wright in northeastern Quebec with its processing plant and port at Port-Cartier, formerly Shelter Bay, which is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. The Cartier Railway has 26 locomotives, 950 ore cars, 300 utility cars and various track maintenance equipment.

Railhead Corporation, headquartered in Burr Ridge, Illinois, provides digital video solutions for the transportation industry with custom mobile and fixed video surveillance systems for freight and commuter trains, vehicles and facilities . Railhead video and data solutions include digital video recorders, cameras, management software, GPS tracking, remote monitoring and system integration. Railhead is also a manufacturer and marketer of LED locomotive headlights, LED safety warning lights and equipment.


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