Blackpool regeneration: Blackpool Central, Winter Gardens Conference Center, the second phase of Houndshill and the refurbishment of Abingdon Street market – these are the main developments expected to leap forward in 2022


The next 12 months are expected to see progress on key projects that will hopefully transform the fortunes of the city in the years to come.

The head of the council, Councilor Lynn Williams, said: “The completion of the new conference and exhibition center at Winter Gardens, as well as the extension of the streetcar and the development of Holiday Inn at Talbot Gateway, will have an impact. transformational on the look and feel of our downtown core.

“The same will be true for the new cinema development currently under construction as part of the Houndshill phase two extension.

“These developments will bring a fresher and more contemporary outlook to our streets and create a wealth of employment opportunities and a chance for our residents to retrain and learn new skills.”

She said that if 2021 is aimed at supporting business recovery from the impact of Covid, it is hoped that 2022 will see Blackpool “emerge as a brighter, more vibrant place for generations to come.”

From the initial phases of the £ 300million Blackpool Central leisure development to the completion of projects including the Holiday Inn, the tram extension and the Wilko store as part of Houndshill phase two, these are the key developments that will make huge strides in 2022.

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