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Varanasi: Bangladesh Railways Minister Mohd Nurul Islam Sujan visited Benares Locomotive Factory (BLW) and saw the manufacturing process of locomotives in the workshops on Tuesday. The Bangladeshi Minister of Railways, accompanied by a high-level delegation, arrived in Varanasi on Monday for a two-day visit.
BLW Managing Director Anjali Goyal welcomed the guests. A delegate meeting was held with a team of BLW officials. During the meeting, the Bangladesh delegation was briefed on the achievements and details of exporting locomotives to BLW.
According to BLW spokesperson, Rajesh Kumar, BLW has already exported 49 meter and broad gauge locomotives to Bangladesh in the past, which successfully haul passenger and freight trains. The Minister of Railways of Bangladesh spoke about the long-term partnership between Bangladesh Railways and Indian Railways and wished for further strengthening of the bond. He expressed Bangladesh Railways’ aim to convert meter gauge to broad gauge, double lines and extend lines to district level. He further expressed his joy for five operational rail links between India and Bangladesh. He also expressed the need for new locomotives and manpower training for Bangladesh Railways. BLW GM has provided full support to Bangladesh Railways.
In addition, existing practices and future projects were discussed with the delegation. Afterwards, the high-level delegation visited various workshops of BLW workshop like New Block Shop, Engine Test Shop, Loco Assembly Shop, etc. During the visit to the workshop, the delegation was informed of the different stages in the manufacture of locomotives. The delegation was also able to view the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities available at BLW. A standard gauge locomotive converted from a broad gauge locomotive was also shown to the delegation. The delegation was impressed with the design capabilities and manufacturing facilities available at BLW.

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