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This week’s roundup of news from the UK rail industry.

Rail freight “has never been so crucial” due to the shortage of truck drivers

The rail industry says an increase in the movement of goods by train shows it can help ensure supermarket shelves remain stocked during the shortage of truck drivers.

Figures from the Office of Railways and Roads (ORR) show that the volume of rail freight between April and June increased by 36.5% compared to the same period last year and by 1.3% more than in the same quarter in 2019.


Domestic intermodal freight such as food, clothing and toys increased 22.5% year on year, and was only 3.8% down from 2019.

The Road transport association estimates that there is a shortage of over 100,000 truck drivers in the UK, resulting in a supply disruption for a number of companies.

Original National Rail artist criticizes new green logo ahead of COP26

Gerry Barney, the creator of the British Rail logo, cautioned against an attempt to give the logo a green makeover.


To highlight the environmental benefits of train travel, the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) revealed the traditional yet colorful logo in five shades of green.

RDG wanted Mr Barney to approve the makeover, but he has since said The Guardian he was appalled at the new logo.

The north line of the London Underground expands with two new stations

Two new London Underground stations opened to the public from Monday, September 20, 2021, making the new expansion, the largest that the Underground has seen in the last century.


The new extension of the North Line (NLE) between Kennington and Battersea is expected to have a significant impact on the areas of Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea.

The 3 km twin tunnel extension connects Kennington Station (Zone 1/2) with two new walk-in stations at Battersea Power Station (Zone 1) and Nine Elms (Zone 1). The new stations will also provide access to the West End and the city in 15 minutes, supporting many commuters and locals.

Coroner calls for automatic brake overhaul after Croydon tram crash

A coroner urged the government to consider installing automatic brakes on trams after seven people were killed in a crash in Croydon in 2016.


The recommendation was made by South London Senior Coroner Sarah Ormond-Walshe in a report aimed at preventing future deaths.

She chaired a nine-week inquiry at Croydon Town Hall earlier this year who concluded that the victims died as a result of an accident.

Government admits air quality in trains is “worse than expected”

The Department of Transport (DfT) admitted that the air quality on some diesel trains is “worse than desired”.

New government-funded research has found that nitrogen dioxide concentrations in trains can be up to 13 times higher than those near major roads in central London.

Levels are highest when trains are in tunnels or idling in stations.

The DfT insisted that the air quality on the rail network is “within legal limits”.

But he admitted that “on some trains” it is “poorer than desired”, and ordered a review of regulations and standards that control air pollution and people’s exposure to it on the road. rail network.

West Somerset Railway trade ‘better than expected’

Somerset West Railway (WSR) plc Jonathan Jones-Pratt said the financial fortunes of the line during the peak summer periods were better than expected.

July saw a profit of £ 49,503 compared to a budgeted loss of £ 29,036, while revenue for the month mainly includes tariffs of £ 123,794, retail revenue of £ 49,588, department revenue locomotives of £ 14,255 and restoration income of £ 11,264.

“Although the July results are very encouraging, we still have work to do here,” he said. “When we set the budgets we were cautious and forecast a loss of £ 416,458 for the year to the end of July. We got a better result, with less loss of £ 148,594.

EMR reprimanded for canceling competition for “poor quality of entries”

East Midlands Railway reprimanded by publicity watchdog after failing to award a promised £ 5,000 prize in a competition due to “poor entry quality”.

The Rebuild better competition featured on the East Midlands Railway website in February and invited members of the public to submit ideas to help them ‘build back better’, with the winning entry receiving a £ 5,000 prize.

A reader complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that the contest was subsequently canceled and therefore violated the advertising rules.

Great Northern train successfully tests first leg of digital east coast program

Govia Thameslink Railway successfully completed one of its Great Northern Moorgate Class 717 trains using ETCS level 2 in-cabin digital signaling system (European Train Control System).

This provided significant concrete evidence of the track-to-train specification required to allow a confident migration to ETCS on the Northern City Line, the first installment of the East Coast digital program.

Unit 717002 performed flawlessly using an improved baseline of the current Class 700 Thameslink ETCS system (3.4.0 on board over 2.3.0d runway side), through the Thameslink ‘core’, between St Pancras and Blackfriars in central London.

Rail operator unveils new recycling initiative to make Brighton Britain’s greenest station

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) launched a new green initiative in Brighton to mark National Recycling Week.

Aiming to offer the highest recycling rate of any station in the rail network, GTR aims to increase recycling rates at Brighton station to 95%, from an average of 30% over the past year, thanks to to a new mobile separation unit (MSU) installed at Brighton station. .

Currently 12% of the total waste collected on GTR’s 800 mile network comes from Brighton; before the pandemic, in an average year, the station produced 650 tonnes of waste.

The new unit will electronically separate, wash, compact, baling, weigh and label all waste from Brighton Station, as well as all Southern and Thameslink trains to and from the city, in partnership with the innovative start-up in sustainable development, The Green Block.

Latest service updates

Gatwick Express – Gatwick Express services remain suspended until further notice.
Hull trains – Hull trains currently provide reduced service, in accordance with passenger demand and current government advice.

Transport for London Status

If you need to travel this weekend, here are some planned jobs that may affect your commute.

Our transportation network has never been cleaner. Imperial College London carried out monthly coronavirus tests on the transport network and found no traces. You can read their recently released report.

Air is constantly circulating in all our trains, trams and buses. For example, on average, the air in a subway train changes every few minutes. The buses are equipped with air extraction and ventilation systems and we also leave the windows open throughout the passenger area to maintain a flow of fresh air.

Please continue walking or cycling for part of your trip if possible. If you use public transportation, travel during quieter times if you can. This will facilitate social distancing. The quietest times to travel are:

  • Between 8:15 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and after 5:30 p.m. on weekdays
  • Before noon and after 6:00 p.m. on weekends

Our TfL Go app can help you plan your trip and indicate the quietest times to travel.

You must continue to wear a face cover over your nose and mouth at all times when you are on the transportation network, unless otherwise specified. The overwhelming majority of people comply with this requirement, and the British Transport Police, Metropolitan Police and our own officers are on the network to verify compliance. Fines of up to £ 6,400 exist for anyone who does not comply.

Please also wash or disinfect your hands before and after travel.

London Underground Status

Due to the coronavirus, the following service changes will be in place until further notice. Please plan ahead and check before you travel.

Circle line: Minor counterclockwise delays due to an earlier signal failure at Aldgate East. GOOD SERVICE clockwise.

Quarter line: Minor delays between Earl’s Court and Barking due to an earlier signal failure at Aldgate East. GOOD SERVICE on the rest of the line.

Hammersmith and City Line: Minor delays due to a previous signal failure at Aldgate East.

Waterloo & City Line: The service operates between 06.07 and 10.13 and between 15.23 and 19.11, from Monday to Friday only.

London Overground

Changes to Chingford services on Wednesday 22, Thursday 23 and Friday 24 September: Train 0955 from Chingford to Liverpool Street and train 1203 from Liverpool Street to Chingford will not run.

Changes to Enfield Town services on Wednesday 22, Thursday 23 and Friday 24 September: Train 1030 from Liverpool Street to Enfield Town and train 1123 from Enfield Town to Liverpool Street will not run.

Check before you travel and plan your trip in advance.

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