Canadian Pacific Expands Hydrogen Locomotive Program to Include Additional Locomotives and Service Stations Thanks to Alberta Emissions Reduction Grant



“By expanding this groundbreaking project, CP is demonstrating its commitment to tackling climate change through transformative technology,” said Keith creel, President and CEO of CP. “I am very happy that ERA chose this program for a grant and look forward to seeing a hydrogen powered locomotive transporting freight from CP customers in the near future.

CP receives 50/50 matching grant from ERA’s Shovel Ready Challenge program. It relies on the $ 15 million CP was already planning to invest in the development project in 2021.

In december 2020, CP announced that it will design and build North America first line-haul hydrogen locomotive using fuel cells and batteries to power the locomotive’s electric traction motors. With the grant announced today, CP will build on its first research programs to convert an additional line locomotive and a yard switch locomotive. This work will refine the process of converting diesel-electric powertrains to hydrogen-electric powertrains on a series of three classes of locomotives, which collectively represent most of the locomotives used throughout the North America.

To support the operation of the hydrogen locomotives, the project will include the installation of hydrogen production and refueling facilities at CP’s marshalling yards in Calgary and Edmonton. The Calgary the refueling facility will include an electrolysis plant to produce hydrogen from water. This facility will be powered by renewable energy from solar panels on CP’s head office campus and will not produce any greenhouse gas emissions. The Edmonton The facility includes a small scale steam methane reforming system that will produce hydrogen from from alberta natural gas resources. The system will be built to accommodate the possible future addition of greenhouse gas capture equipment.

Alberta invests to lead the transition to affordable, reliable and clean energy. The CP initiative represents a very interesting opportunity to catalyze the hydrogen economy in Alberta and in the world ”, declared Steve macdonald, CEO of Emissions Reduction Alberta. “The project will help advance the technology and reduce the costs of deploying hydrogen to meet the critical challenge of decarbonizing the heavy freight sector over the long term. ”

CP’s Hydrogen Locomotive Program will demonstrate and evaluate the technical performance of hydrogen locomotives and supporting fueling infrastructure in live operations. The program will generate critical industry knowledge and experience that will inform commercialization and future development.

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