Canadian Pacific Railway and employee union reach agreement and return to work



Canadian Pacific Railway announced this week an agreement with the Trains and Engines Bargaining Committee of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference to enter into binding arbitration. The move ended a work stoppage that began on Saturday (March 19, 2022) and ended on Tuesday afternoon (March 22). In the announcement, Canadian Pacific said it would immediately begin working with customers to resume normal rail operations across Canada as soon as possible. The union represents approximately 3,000 locomotive engineers, conductors, train and yard workers across Canada. The Western Grain Elevator Association in Canada had called on both parties to come to an agreement and end the work stoppage quickly. Rail service is essential to moving prairie grain to customers and ports across North America and around the world. The association says serious problems with rail service have already done irreparable damage to Canada’s reputation with its customers and are adding to inflationary pressures on food prices abroad.


UNDATED (AP) – About 3,000 Canadian Pacific Railway conductors, engineers, train and yard workers represented by the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference will return to work after an agreement is reached between the operator railway and the union. A work stoppage that began on Sunday halted trains across Canada and halted fertilizer and other shipments to and from the U.S. Canadian Pacific Railway said it had reached an agreement with the Teamsters to enter into binding arbitration and ending a work stoppage. Rail operations are expected to restart on Tuesday (March 22, 2022).

MARCH 21, 2022:

DETROIT (AP) — The Canadian Teamsters and CP Rail blamed each other for a work stoppage Sunday (March 20, 2022) that disrupted trains across Canada and halted shipments to and from the United States represented by the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference are on leave after negotiators failed to reach a deal at midnight. Both sides say they are talking with federal mediators. Canadian Pacific covers much of the US Midwest and is a major shipper of potash and agricultural fertilizers. It also transports grain from the United States to Canada.


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