MNR President Charlie Robinson returning from the railroad

In our latest column from Dereham, Mid Norfolk Railway Chairman CHARLIE ROBINSON shares his joy at the reopening of one of Britain’s longest historic rail lines.

The Mid Norfolk Railway is delighted to announce that we have resumed our heritage train service from Dereham to Wymondham Abbey after a sixteen month lockdown.

Much of the work, however, was completed when our trains were not running.

Four Mk 1 cars have had their bodies repaired and repainted and now look great with major upgrades to the interior as well while on the track two major level crossings, one at Yaxham Road, Dereham, and the other in Kimberley, have been completely renewed. Many thanks to Sonic Rail Services for all their help with the track works and also to all our staff and volunteers who completed this work and others under very difficult conditions like all social distancing rules and regulations etc. ., which were to be followed in time.

A train on the Mid Norfolk Railway.
– Credit: IAN BURT

With trains running again, our first major event of 2021 will be our 1940s weekend on Saturday August 7 and Sunday August 8. There will be stands, exhibits and reenactments at Dereham station and exhibits at our other stations along the line to Wymondham One Abbey. With plenty to see on the grounds in front of the Abbaye train station with a flypast, why not take the opportunity to dress up in 1940s style clothing and have fun? Full details of the weekend are available on our website,

Mid-Norfolk Station in Dereham

Mid-Norfolk Station in Dereham
– Credit: Archant

You can also watch:

As always, we run our ever popular Cream Tea Trains departing Dereham at 3:45 PM most Sundays through the end of September, with dates for our Fish and Chips, Jazz and Afternoon Tea Trains also available online.

Our normal calendar of events ends September 25-26 with our Diesel Running Weekend, but we’re excited to announce that the world’s most iconic steam locomotive, Flying Scotsman, will visit the Mid-Norfolk Railway at the start of this season. October 2021. This tour has been postponed from 2020 but the locomotive will operate on the weekends of October 2/3, October 9, and and and and October 16, and on static display at Dereham Station on weekdays. For more information and to book your tickets, please visit our website, tickets will go on sale for this very special visitor to our line in mid-August.

The Royal Scott steam train arrives at Mid Norfolk station in Dereham.  Photo: Matthew Ushe

The Royal Scot steam train arrives at Mid Norfolk station in Dereham. Photo: Matthew Usher.
– Credit: Matthew Usher

Finally, to end the year on a high note, our Polar ExpressTM train journeys will leave Dereham for the North Pole from mid-November until Christmas. Tickets are already on sale but are leaving quickly – come in your pajamas and dressing gowns for a magical train journey to the North Pole to see Santa Claus. With hot chocolate served to your table by the conductor and the chefs in your horse-drawn carriage, a visit from Santa himself, and your gift of the Silver Bell, it’s a great way to start your Christmas celebrations. Christmas. Again, for full details and to book, please visit our website.

The Mid Norfolk Railway Polar Express.  Photo: ANTONY KELLY

The Mid Norfolk Railway Polar Express. Photo: ANTONY KELLY
– Credit: Archant

The Mid Norfolk Railway is East Anglia’s longest heritage standard gauge railway. As you travel the eleven miles from Dereham to Wymondham Abbey, there is plenty to see and do, and we look forward to welcoming you to our line for any racing day or special event.

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Transport Canada Updates Canadian Rail Operating Rules

Written byMarybeth Luczak, Editor-in-Chief

The changes to the operating rules are the result of a ministerial order (MO 20-09) requiring the Canadian railway industry to “adopt new practices designed to improve safety and prevent uncontrolled movements during shunting, and to ensure that the equipment is properly secured when maneuvering. . “

Transport Canada has approved changes to the Canadian Rail Operating Rules to further reduce the risk of uncontrolled movement of railway material.

The changes are the result of Ministerial Order (MO) 20-09 issued in September 2020, requiring the rail industry to “adopt new practices designed to improve safety and prevent uncontrolled movements during shunting operations, and to make sure the equipment is properly secured while switching, ”according to Transport Canada. (This order was issued following the Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s investigation into a 2017 fatal accident at CN’s Melville Yard in Saskatchewan.)

The rules, announced on July 30, now prescribe:
• when speedbrakes are to be used during maneuvers “to ensure a consistent approach across the rail system”.
• measures to ensure that fixed equipment is secure during maneuvers in order to avoid uncontrolled movements.
• speed limits when maneuvers are carried out with a remote-controlled locomotive.

Transport Canada said the changes build on other measures to reduce the number of uncontrolled movements of rail equipment. Among them: Two ministerial orders were published in March, following the derailment on February 1, 2021 of a Goderich-Exeter Railway train running at the Goderich construction site. The first (MO 21-01) required railways to implement specific procedures for locomotive engineers to prevent uncontrolled movements due to unintentional release of a train’s air brakes; the second (MO 21-02) required the rail industry to “add an additional layer of defense” by proposing amendments to the Locomotive Inspection and Safety Regulations and the Canadian Rail Operating Rules ( REF) for approval by the Minister.

Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra

“Maintaining a safe, efficient and reliable rail system is essential to the continued success of the Canadian economy,” said Transport Minister Omar Alghabra. “Transport Canada continues to work to modernize its rail safety oversight and directly address the key safety risks facing the Canadian rail system.

In February, the Auditor General of Canada, the equivalent of the US Government Accountability Office, released a report criticizing Transport Canada for its overall effectiveness in overseeing rail safety.

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Pramod Kumar joins as Managing Director North Central Railway

Pramod Kumar, an officer of the Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers (IRSEE) on Friday took over as Managing Director of North Central Railway (NCR).

Pramod Kumar is an Indian Engineering Services 1984 Exam Batch Officer and has served the Indian Railways in various capacities.

Having his privilege with Central Railway, he started his career as AEE / TD in Agra (while on probation) for a short period, after which he worked at the Junior and Senior scale at Chittaranjan Locomotive Works.

He has worked in various electrical engineering disciplines such as traction distribution, locomotive maintenance and operation, construction, general service at the Jhansi and Jabalpur divisions of Central Railway.

He was a pioneer in setting up Electric Locoshed in New Katni Junction.

One of his notable contributions was the commissioning of IR’s first high-rise OHE, while working as CPD / RE / Jaipur.

In addition to his extensive experience in technical issues related to domain knowledge, Kumar has extensive experience in general administration. He held the post of Director of Supplementary Divisional Railways / NWR / Jaipur, Director of Divisional Railways / NR / Moradabad, Senior Deputy General Manager, Southern Railway and currently he held the position of Additional General Manager / SECR / Bilaspur

Originally from a village near Khurja, Bulandshahar District (UP), Kumar has a long association with North Central Railway and with the area served by NCR. Kumar is an alumnus of Dayal Bagh Educational Institute, Agra, from where he graduated in 1984 with a BSc (electrical) engineering degree.

He served NC Railway at Jhansi Division in 2003-2006 and at NCR HQ in 2007-09.

His association with the town of Sangam de Prayagraj dates back to 2006, when he was Deputy Chief of Vigilance, CORE, then Headquarters of the RCN as Chief Electrical Service Engineer / Constn. until 2009, where he was associated with the planning and execution of various infrastructure works.

At a crucial time when NCR is going through a dynamic phase with the focus on expanding infrastructure, electrifying missing links and strengthening its health infrastructure, among others, Kumar’s accession as a new leader NCR with its vast and varied experience is expected to give a boost to ongoing infrastructure work and streamlining of train operations.

VK Tripathi, GM NER who has held the additional charge of GM NCR for the past seven months following Rajiv Choudhry’s retirement on December 31, 2020, welcomed Pramod Kumar and sent him best wishes on his new assignment.

After taking office, Pramod Kumar said his priorities will be the rapid completion of the on-going work without exceeding the timeframe and ensuring safe and efficient rail operations on the NCR.

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