Central Railway will manufacture 5 locomotives for the little train in the Kangra Valley on the sub-Himalayan route, in their Parel workshop


The locomotives operating the toy trains on the Kangra Valley Sub-Himalayan Highway will be undergoing overhaul here in Mumbai. The Central Railway will manufacture, assemble, equip and paint the chassis and other works for 5 locomotives circulating in the Kangra Valley; in their Parel workshop. The 164 km long Kangra Valley train is a major tourist destination that connects Punjab to Himachal Pradesh.

RC authorities said the Parel workshop was working on the exit of the ZDM3 locomotive for the Kangra Valley railway line. Sources say they recently made and manufactured this narrow gauge locomotive for Northern Railway. “These locomotives will be used to transport passenger and freight trains on the Kangra Valley rail section of the Firozpur division of the Northern Railway. The tenders were called complete overhaul of 5 locomotives, ”a Central Railway official said on condition of anonymity.

Explaining the same, sources said they would manufacture, assemble, equip and paint the chassis arrangement and other related work of 5 ZDM3 locomotives at a cost of Rs 2.60 crore within 24 months. They will also manufacture the driver’s cab, engine cover and radiator cover for these 5 locomotives at a cost of Rs 55.18 lakh which will be ready in 18 months.

The Kangra Valley Railway is a 2 foot 6 inch (762 mm) gauge railway that connects Pathankot in the Punjab to Joginder Nagar in Himachal Pradesh. It crosses the sub-Himalayan region of the Kangra Valley. The Parel workshop has already manufactured and shipped 10 locomotives and this workshop has orders to manufacture 7 more locomotives for Northern Railways.

“This is the ZDM3 series manufactured by Parel Workshop for Kangra Valley and Kalka Shimla Railway. The cost to manufacture a single locomotive is Rs 3 crore,” another CR official said.

These locomotives are equipped with a double cab to drive on both sides with good visibility of the way ahead. The locomotive is equipped with a cold start to enable them to work in harsh winter conditions in northern India. The locomotive is also equipped with a “Demand Cooling System” to cool the engine as needed.

Speed ​​brakes are similar to Broad Gauge locomotives, diesel engine performance parameters are displayed on the electronic display. The locomotive is equipped with safety functions such as automatic emergency braking, vigilance control device and electronic speedometer with recorder. Heavy-duty compressors are installed to meet the future needs of air brake towing loads. Hand brakes provided inside the driver’s cab at both ends.

Posted on: Saturday January 08, 2022, 6:54 PM IST


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