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It has now been 50 years since the Cambrian coastline was closed. During Dr Beeching’s time, a determined effort was made to decimate the rail network in north and central Wales.

December 1964 saw the closure of Bangor in Afon Wen, January 1965 the closure of Ruabon in Barmouth, February 1965 the closure of Aberystwyth in Carmarthen.

In 1971, they came to close the Cambrian coast line. The government was shocked. The Welsh have said you will not shut down our railroad. Thomas Savin and all his men who built the line in the 1860s would have been proud to see the efforts made to save their railroad that they had worked so hard to build.

Hope people will cherish this line and use it as much as possible. What we need now is a throwback to the BR days of the 1970s, when tour trains pulled by diesel locomotives brought people from all over the country to Welsh seaside resorts. On some Sundays, up to four such trains ran through the system. We need more loops (staging areas) to allow excursion trains to come back and boost the Welsh economy.

Chris Magner Bridgnorth

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