China launches new high-speed rail line in Shandong province


China has reportedly started operations on a new high-speed railway in Shandong province, allowing trains to run at speeds of 350 km/h.

With this development, the city of Heze will fall under China’s high-speed rail network.

The new high-speed railway, which is part of the high-speed railway between Rizhao city in Shandong and Lankao in Henan province, will cover a distance of 199 km.

China Railway Jinan Group told Xinhua that the new railway section will link Qufu City and Zhuangzhai Township and Caoxian County of Heze.

The fastest train connects Heze to the provincial capital Jinan in about one hour and 23 minutes and to Beijing in less than three hours.

The road is expected to improve transportation interconnectivity between the central China Plain and southern Shandong regions.

According to the report, the company considers this railway line to be “of vital importance for the promotion of regional economic and social development”.

The development comes after China opened two new high-speed rail lines in its Central and Northeastern regions.

The first route covers 245 km in Hunan province (central China), connecting Zhangjiajie and Huaihua in one hour and ten minutes.

The other new high-speed railway runs from Mudanjiang to Jiamusi in northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, covering 372 km and allowing trains to run at 250 km/h.

Last week, China announced plans to launch a maglev system with a top speed of 600 km/h as well as high-speed trains in a vacuum tube.

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