Choo-Choo Charles Locomotive Horror Reveals Release Date With New Trailer


A new trailer has debuted for the bizarre indie horror title Choo-Choo Charlesshowing off its original gameplay and, finally, setting a firm release date.

The crazy idea of ​​solo developer Two Star – who for months documented the journey of his project on YouTubeChoo-Choo Charles turned heads when its insane concept was revealed to the world last October.

The bottom line is that you’re relentlessly terrorized by a demonic steam train, capable (literally) of derailing and rushing over a set of disgusting spider legs.

Structured as a vindictive duel between you and your locomotive nemesis, the game has a constantly growling Charles (imagine Thomas the Chariot Engine if he was impersonated unconvincingly by Pennywise the Clown) stalking you on an open-world map. To have any chance of surviving here, you must gradually improve your own Mad Max –style train so it can hold its own in a sustained battle.

Among other things, you will have to find superior weapons to mount on your rear caboose, help NPCs who will provide you with much needed resources, complete optional tasks and collect scrap which can in turn be exchanged for upgrades. . Then, once you’ve prepared well, you can summon Charles for a final showdown.

It’s essentially an epic boss fight that lasts throughout the game, with side missions sprinkled throughout that help you even the odds a bit. In that sense, it’s comparable to how everything you do in breath of the wild is all in service of the ultimate goal of defeating Calamity Ganon.

While most of Two Star’s previously featured gameplay footage has understandably focused on its attention-grabbing villain, the latest trailer gives you a fuller look at the whole thing. Choo-Choo Charles live.

As we can tell from the frenetic editing, much of your time will be spent running your train, switching between different tracks, and using turret cannons to keep Charles at bay. However, when you are not being harassed so aggressively, you will have the opportunity to stretch your legs and walk around.

The trailer showcases a few of the mechanics you’ll need to master in these quieter sections, including lock picking, platforming, and even stealth. As for the latter, there appear to be indoor environments you can explore for a brief reprieve from Charles, though these dungeons are apparently patrolled by armed psychopaths instead. Suffice it to say, you will never be completely safe.

Not to mention, the trailer also offers a quick look at the train customization system, which has both aesthetic and functional effect on your cars. It’s hard to say how extensive the options will be here, but even just applying a different coat of paint will help make your steel monster look like it’s truly yours.

Finally, the trailer reveals another important detail: the game’s release date. After months of ambiguity, we can now confirm that Choo-Choo Charles will launch on Steam on Friday, December 9e2022.

Pricing information is yet to be confirmed, but you can add the game to your wishlist now.


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