Clacton pup found dead on train tracks before being cremated


A PENSIONER is ‘heartbroken’ after his new puppy was found dead on a train track before workers cremated him and disposed of his ashes.

Blue the Great Dane disappeared from a house near the Clacton Century Cinema on Pier Avenue on August 21 after escaping from the garden.

The crafty dog ​​is said to have jumped over a 6ft high fence just two hours after moving in with its 70-year-old new owner.

Following her disappearance, a widespread search was launched by her granddaughter Sophie Baker, and Julia Jayne, Leah Ford and Clare Davis.

Tragically, after numerous sightings, Blue was finally found Monday afternoon on a train track in Clacton near Giles Crossing.

The group believe the poor dog had been there for three days but was moved to the side of the tracks near a public footpath before being covered with a tarp.

After the discovery, they pushed Network Rail to recover the puppy as soon as possible but with the hope of being able to return it to its owner.

Upset – Sophie Baker, the dog owner’s granddaughter

On Wednesday, however, Sophie and the volunteer missing dog hunters were informed that Blue had already been cremated and his ashes disposed of.

Sophie said: ‘I’m absolutely furious – we’ve had a cremation and a GoFundMe page sorted so we can bring him home.

“At this time, I haven’t told my grandfather that he has already been cremated, but the fact that he came out and died absolutely heartbroken.”

Leah, who is a ground searcher for missing dogs, says Network Rail should have acted more quickly and informed them of their intention to cremate Blue before doing so.

She added: “I am absolutely furious because we followed the correct procedures, but we kept getting overlooked – then they are going to do this.

“I’ve told them so many times that it’s not just about bringing the poor boy back to his family, it’s also a public matter.

“If a child were to watch it, it would have scarred them for life – it’s not acceptable and it’s heartbreaking.”


A Network Rail spokeswoman said: ‘I understand how heartbreaking this is for everyone involved and my heartfelt condolences go out to the owner at this time.

“We have procedures in place when a dog is found on the railway line, but unfortunately due to the dog decomposing on this occasion we were unable to return it to the owner.

“We accept that this could have been better communicated and we will review this case to improve our process in the future.”


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