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A celebration for the West Coast Wilderness Railway’s first Abt locomotive will still go as planned, despite a minor derailment of a diesel locomotive on Monday. The company said the train partially derailed around 10:30 a.m. Monday while traveling at low speed near Camp Spur. While evaluations had yet to begin Tuesday morning, the company’s chief executive, Anthony Brown, explained what could have caused the derailment. “When the line was laid there were a number of turns that weren’t as smooth as a fast turn,” he said. “Diesel locomotives are a bit rougher on the line than steam locomotives.” Diesel locomotives are also heavier and do not have as much flexibility as steam locomotives and they damage the line more than steam locomotives , which maneuver better on the runway. “IN OTHER NEWS Mr Brown said safety is the number one priority for the company.” We do regular risk assessments so that incidents like this do not occur. not produce, but sometimes they do. “We now need to determine why this has happened and take action to ensure it does not happen again.” Despite the minor derailment, the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the No.1 Abt locomotive continues on Friday. To mark the occasion, the first 125 visitors will receive a celebratory cupcake and guests can watch the Abt No.1 Locomotive on the turntable where it will blow out the candles on the cake. The Abt No.1 Locomotive came to the West Coast to travel between Queenstown and Regatta Point in Strahan. The organizers are encouraging visitors to come and take advantage of the specials at the Tracks Cafe, make it a day, and stay for dinner. The event will be community-driven, with snow cones and floss to entice kids and children at heart to attend. The festive event will take place at Queenstown Station from 3 p.m. on November 26. Train enthusiasts can also head to Regatta Point station on Friday from 12 p.m. and browse a new museum, which will open the same day. Why not subscribe to The Advocate for more daily local news? register here



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