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Isolate Britain, sitting on the road with banners in Parliament Square near the Peers Entrance to Parliament and on Bridge Street. Photograph: Isolate Britain

Isulate Britain blocked off Parliament Square in central London this morning, in apparent response to critics who accused them of targeting the wrong people.

Several dozen members of the climate activist group took to the streets around the Palace of Westminster around 9 a.m., grappling to the ground as police quickly reacted to their protest.

Damien Gayle

# IsolateGreat Britain blocked Parliament Square

November 4, 2021

The campaign of disruptive protests on Isulate Britain’s routes in and around London has now entered its eighth week. Today was their 19th action. They are calling on the government to embark on a program to insulate all UK homes as a first step to tackling the climate crisis.

However, they have been criticized for preventing ordinary people from going about their business during the morning rush hours, with some enraged drivers getting out of their cars and violently clearing the protesters from the roads themselves. Many said they were choosing the wrong targets.

Damien Gayle

a # IsolateGreat Britain activist explains that they came to Parliament to bring the fight to those in power

November 4, 2021

Ruth Jarman was glued to the ground in front of parliament during her 13th Isulate Britain protest. She said: “It’s good to be here. At this point in history, this is the place that could make the decision to save mankind and God’s creation, and at the moment it is not that decision, so what do you do? “

In addition to sticking by the hands, some demonstrators had stuck by the feet, to each other. One stuck to a police van, while another climbed on top of a police vehicle and held up a banner.

Among those who came to see the protest was Conservative MP Dehenna Davison. She said, “We all believe in the right to protest, but I think it frustrates people in their daily lives and puts people off. “

In a statement, Insulate Britain said this had been one of the most successful climate campaigns to date. “Our brand awareness grew from zero to 77% of the public in three weeks, we generated enormous media interest and we started thousands of conversations, in the press, on social media and in homes across the country,” they declared. .

“It is important to note that we have exposed the government’s refusal to act on house insulation as cowardly and vindictive and its refusal to protect our country and our children from the climate crisis as genocidal and treason.”

Isulate Britain activists have their hands glued to the tarmac as they block a road outside Parliament during a protest in London.

Isulate Britain activists have their hands glued to the tarmac as they block a road outside Parliament during a protest in London. Photograph: Henry Nicholls / Reuters


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