CP shares image of new hydrogen locomotive


Railroad expects unit to start operation in 2022


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Locomotive with green, blue, white and gray body.
A render of the H2 0EL hydrogen locomotive, which should see its paint and launch in late 2021.

CALGARY, Alta .– Canadian Pacific has shared an image of its upcoming hydrogen locomotive. It shows an EMD hood style locomotive in a green, blue, white and gray paint scheme.

According to the railroad’s sustainability website, the locomotive, known as “H2 0EL” for Hydrogen – Zero Emissions Locomotive, will be prepped for its official painting and launch. Each locomotive design element articulates the effect of this project. Blue and green paint colors represent sustainability, water and technology. The H2 0EL wordmark features angled typography to symbolize movement and progression in action.

“This is a globally significant project that positions CP at the forefront of decarbonizing the freight transportation industry,” said President and CEO Keith Creel. “CP will continue to focus on finding innovative solutions to transform our operations and execute our climate strategy, positioning CP and our industry as leaders for a sustainable future. “

CP has already tested low-emission locomotives using biofuels and compressed natural gas, as well as battery-powered units. Virtually all freight locomotives in North America run on diesel, which is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions for railways.

The railroad expects the unit to start operating in 2022.


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