CRRC battery-powered shunting locomotive arrives in Hungary


Batteries charged from overhead power.

The new locomotive was transported from Germany to Hungary by RailAdventure.

RAIL Cargo Hungary (RCH) has taken delivery of a battery-powered hybrid shunting locomotive from CRRC Zhuzhou in China.

The class 461 locomotive has been delivered by rail to the Dunakeszi factory north of Budapest, where it will undergo tests for admission to operation on the Hungarian rail network over the next few months.

The 74-ton locomotive was built by CRRC Zhuzhou and was specially designed for shunting duties with RCH.

It is equipped with lithium-titanate batteries which are charged from the overhead power supply on the electrified tracks. Power output is 350 kW in battery mode and 850 kW when powered from the catenary.

In battery mode, the class 461 can tow an 800 tonne train for 1h25 at a speed of 20km/h.

After acceptance, the shunting locomotive is expected to enter service in the second half of 2022.

RCH has ordered two hybrid shunters and two hybrid mainline locomotives which it will lease for a period of four years, with options to purchase them and order up to 20 additional locomotives of each type.

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