CZ Loco is looking for a hydrogen locomotive


CZ LOKO is studying the feasibility of building a hydrogen locomotive. This was tentatively named HydrogenShunter 1000.

Currently, the project of the Czech locomotive manufacturer is in the study phase. This will determine whether the company will continue to develop a prototype.

HydrogenShunter 1000 by CZ Loko

The project was announced at a technical seminar organized by the Association of Rail Freight Transporters of the Czech Republic (Žesnad) by CZ Loko Sales Manager Jan Kutálek.

At the event, Kutálek highlighted the challenges that the European Green Deal has posed for the industry and his company’s response. He referred to CZ Loko’s development of two types of twin and hybrid locomotives, in addition to the need to monitor unconventional solutions such as hydrogen.

He went on to say that the Green Deal involves a fundamental change in the behavior of the entire EU market, but unfortunately the momentum for change is far greater than the capacity of the market to adapt to it.

Noting that green innovations are expensive and can only be developed by the most powerful companies, he pointed out that some big innovations end in a dead end when evaluations show that they are simply not operationally viable and / or financial.

This is the reason why CZ LOKO abandoned the development of a compressed natural gas (CNG) locomotive. After completing the engineering design and construction of a prototype, he discovered that mass production was unrealistic and the project was scrapped.


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