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MUMBAI: Commuter train services between Virar and Dahanu Road stations have been temporarily affected due to a technical problem in the locomotive of the freight train between Virar and Vaitarna. The problem arose in the morning and was rectified around 1:45 p.m.
Few special long-distance trains were regulated at Vasai Rd and Virar stations. Three long-distance trains were the subject of an additional stop between Virar and Dahanu Road. The affected locomotive was moved from the site at 1:45 p.m.
Cancellation of commuter services:
1. DN93012 Route Dahanu to Virar
2. DN 93014 Route Dahanu to Virar
3. DN93015 Borivali to Dahanu Road
4. DN93019 Virar to Dahanu Road
5. DN93022 Dahanu Road to Dadar
6. DN93024 Dahanu Road to Dadar
7. DN 93013 Churchgate to Dahanu Road
8. DN 93023 Route from Virar to Dahanu
9. DN 93021 Route from Virar to Dahanu
Stopping of special trains between the Virar route and Dahanu:
1. Train n ° 09035 Mumbai Central – Porbandar Special
2. Train n ° 04805 Yasvantpur – Special Barmer
3. Train n ° 09116 Bhuj – Dadar Special
4. Train n ° 02925 Terminus Bandra – Special Amritsar
5. Train No 09012 Ahmedabad – Mumbai Central Special
6. Train No 02926 Amritsar – Bandra Terminus Special
Other long-distance trains concerned:
1. Train n ° 02925 Terminus Bandra – Amritsar Special
2. Train n ° 04559 Kochuveli – Chandigarh Special
3. Train n ° 02216 Bandra Terminus – Delhi Sarai Rohilla Special
4. Train 04708 Bikaner – Vasai Rd Special
5. Train No 02480 Terminus Bandra – Jodhpur Special
6. Train No 09017 Terminus Bandra – Haridwar Special
7. Train No 02933 Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad Special
8. Train No 02263 Pune – Special H. Nizammuddin
On Central Railway, the locomotive of train 02617 Mangala Express experienced a technical failure and the train was blocked between Asangaon and the Atgaon Down line from 2:34 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. This affected the movement of four long-distance trains on this section, officials said.


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