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Dharwad: Hearing a petition filed by farmers in Belagavi, who objected to the passage of the proposed railway line between the border district and Dharwad through fertile farmland, the Dharwad Bench of the Karnataka High Court on Friday suspended the decision taken by local deputies to proceed with the proposed project.
The proposed railway line between the two northern districts of Karnataka crosses fertile land at KK Koppa and Desur in the Belagavi taluk, much to the chagrin of the agrarian community in the district.
Consequently, local leaders and farmers had opposed the proposed route of the railway line and suggested that the authorities build the track along government land. As well as preventing the loss of fertile farmland, the alternative route would reduce the total distance by 6km, they argued.
In the wake of opposition to the project, South Western Railway (SWR) had carried out another investigation to assess the feasibility of rerouting the track. However, on October 16, 2021, at a meeting in Hubballi attended by nine MPs from North Karnataka, the farmers’ plea was rejected and the SWR was instructed to revert to the original plan. Shocked by the ruling, Prasad Patil, along with 15 other people from Desur village, filed a petition for an injunction in the high court.
Raveendra Gokak, solicitor for the claimants, pointed out that the proposed railway line passes through the villages of Gurlagunji, Desur, Rajahansgad, Nandihalli, Nagenahatti, Nagenahalli, KK Koppa and Halagimaradi. “Nearly 80% of the land needed for the railway is fertile agricultural land. Farmers depend on it,” he said.

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