Disused North Shropshire railway line to reopen to passengers


A disused North Shropshire railway line, abandoned and unloved for 50 years, has been restored by enthusiasts and will reopen to passengers from April 2.

Final preparations for the opening are Phil Ellson and General Manager Andy Green

Cambrian Heritage Railways (CHR) volunteers have been working hard to extend the railway from Oswestry to Weston Wharf, since plans were first announced in 2016.

The introduction of two miles of new track and a station platform is part of a major restoration project, designed to ensure that the CHR becomes the county’s latest tourist attraction.

The original railway fell victim to the ‘Beeching Cuts’ of the 1960s, while other parts of the line were only for freight until the 1980s. Local heritage enthusiasts gathered in 1972 to keep the memories of Oswestry alive as a major railroad hub.

After successfully securing EU grants and financial support from local authorities, the redevelopment of the railway line is now part of an ambitious plan to extend the line further to Gobowen and Llynclys.

CHR Chairman Rob Williams said: “It is a fantastic achievement on the part of all concerned to reopen a passenger railway that has not existed for over 50 years.

“So many individuals and organizations have made this project possible. Our ambition is to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to enjoy a day on our heritage railway. The added bonus of course is that the Stonehouse Brewery is located at the end of the line. Train ride and pint, what more could you ask for?

CHR has announced that trains will run every weekend, specific midweek and evening runs and on public holidays from April to September. Pre-booking through our website cambrianrailways.com is essential. There are also plans for ‘excursion special’ trains to run throughout the year connecting the railway to Weston attractions.


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