DP World launches new Rotterdam-Germersheim-Stuttgart rail line


DP World is launching a new rail service between the Upper Rhine region and the Port of Rotterdam. The new service, from March 14, 2022, connects Rotterdam with two round trips per week with the German cities Germersheim and Stuttgart.

DP World’s domestic network now consists of 12 domestic terminals: three in Germany, four in Switzerland, two in Belgium and three in Alsace in France. With this network, it is able to offer trimodal transport solutions – road, rail and inland waterway – between European deep-water ports and its inland terminals.

Rob Harrison, Vice President of Inland Logistics at DP World Europe and Russia, said: “This is the latest exciting step in our journey to improve and expand our services to customers in Europe. Offering more rail connections means we will continue to deliver on our commitment to increase efficiency and reliability for customers while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint in the region.

On time and in speed

He continued: “We know that the demands of customers, businesses and governments around the world are changing. Businesses face increasing pressure to deliver products and goods on time and quickly, while keeping tabs on their carbon emissions and overall environmental impact.

“This reliance within the supply chain to deliver – and deliver quickly – means retailers are forced to expose themselves to significant risk. As consumers continue to push the bar even higher with expectations of faster and more reliable means of service, European logistics providers must be savvy to move their goods from east to west, from north to south and vice versa.

“By offering trimodal solutions, we believe it is easier to create redundancies in the event of congestion, low/high water levels, incidents, etc., while allowing us to extend our geographical reach . This moment in time therefore represents – not a challenge – but an opportunity for companies to reconsider the quality and connectivity of their operations, both for their own benefit and that of their customers.


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