Duchess of Sutherland: A steam locomotive delights train lovers in Swindon


Steam lovers across Swindon were treated to an early Christmas present as the historic ‘Duchess of Sutherland’ locomotive zoomed past.

On Sunday, the London Midland and Scottish Railway locomotive was seen passing the Swindon locomotive en route to Southall.

And on Tuesday he returned to Wiltshire carrying the Cardiff Christmas Express.

Despite 71 minutes behind in the city, the enthusiasts were out in force.

Network Rail has released a statement explaining why the Duchess of Sutherland has been delayed.

A company spokesperson said: “There was a problem with filling the steam engine with water.

“The tanker was at Wantage Road not Challow which meant it would take some time to get water to the locomotive.

“A decision has been made to remove the engine on Wantage Road to gain access to the water.

“The locomotive was successfully filled at Wantage Road which then meant the Kemble water stop was not required.

“The train was able to make up much of the lost time and arrived at Cardiff Central 17 minutes late, meaning it recovered over an hour of journey time.”

The former express steam engine was not going at full speed as it approached Swindon station, before turning north to wind up the Golden Valley route through Kemble and Gloucester.

Number 6223 was built by the LMS in 1938 and is currently the only member of the class to be mainline certified.

It is currently owned by the Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust.

The special train was due to stop at Swindon station for around 12 minutes, but Network Rail allowed it through due to the huge delay.

He arrived in the Welsh capital just 17 minutes late, almost making up for lost time.

The Duchess of Sutherland is due to return to Swindon later today (22 November) at 7.25pm.

1Z84: 6:37 p.m. Gloucester to London Victoria


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