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Coimbatore: Southern Railway officials led by Rail Safety Commissioner (CRS) Abhai Kumar Rai carried out a regulatory safety inspection on the newly electrified 43 km rail section between Podanur and Pollachi Junction on Monday,
The commissioner checked the electrical, engineering and signaling work on the section.
A high-speed test run, with special train formation, was held from Pollachi to Podanur station. The special train was towed by an electric locomotive. An observation car with modern equipment, for observing and recording various aspects of electrification work, was part of the formation of the special train.
While the railway had allocated Rs 159 crore for the electrification works of Dindigul – Pollachi – Palakkad, Rs 31 crore was spent for the Podanur section.
Since the section is between the railway divisions of Salem and Palakkad, the directors of the divisional railways and the heads of both divisions were present during the test, in addition to senior officials from Chennai.
The train formation, attached to an electric locomotive, left Pollachi at 3 p.m. and arrived in Podanur 40 minutes later.
The section was energized on September 1 and some testing was done by divisional personnel before it was presented for inspection. “CRS will submit a report and recommendations on Monday. If all goes well, train service will soon be put into service in the section. In the event that it finds a deviation or a possibility of correction, it will be corrected and CRS will conduct another inspection once the corrective actions have been taken, ”said a senior official.




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