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Local Mumbai saree brand, Suta, recently launched its new collection of sarees, each paying homage to groundbreaking women. The saree brand also paid tribute to the social reformer and pedagogue Savitribai Phule.

Sharing the saree named after Savitribai Phule, the brand wrote that the social reformer took on a role as a teacher while her husband was away giving girls education in Pune in the mid-19th century. And how Savitribai left her husband who opposed her courage to defend herself.

However, the caption outraged social media users for spreading false information and not delivering the real story. Users protested against the use of Savitribai Phule’s name to promote a collection of high-end sarees from an upper-caste company.

Twitter user Ishita Singh slammed Suta and its owners Sujata and Taniya Biswas in a thread, and said a small saree-branding business run by two upper-caste Hindu women called one of their saris the Savitribai Phule saree, which is the typical Hindu caste attitude towards the Bahujan icons.

As the caption did not mention anything about upper caste women and men throwing cow dung and garbage at her on the way to school, Singh wrote that without mentioning Phule’s husband, who was standing behind her at each stage of his life, while the upper castes threw cow dung and abused the Phules, shows not only a caste mentality but also the inadequacy of their intellect.

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Instagram page The Outcaste also slammed the Suta brand for making up fake stories about Savitribai Phule to make money from the art and work of Bahujan weavers. The page also wrote that Sarvanas were selling silk sarees in the name of Savitribai Phule while Dalit women were not even allowed to wear silk.

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Suta is owned by Sujata Biswas and Taniya Biswas. Forbes India reported that the duo quit their jobs at the company as they love looking at their mother’s and grandmother’s saree collections.


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