First electric locomotive reported from Hubballi shed


Indian Railways had set up the Diesel Loco Shed at Hubballi for servicing HHP diesel locomotives in 1999. The number of locomotives in the shed grew from 13 locomotives in 2000 to 239 locomotives in 2022, and it was affectionately called Mother Shed of Indian Railways HHP locomotives.

Add another feather in the bonnet of South West Railway, the Hubballi shed is completed with electric locomotives and the shed received the first electric locomotive (WAG9HG) in August 2022. Today, two AC electric locomotives (multiple units) named “Malaprabha” and “Ghataprabha were signaled and dedicated to the service of the nation by Sanjeev Kishore, General Manager, South Western Railway at Diesel Loco Shed, Hubballi, in the presence of PK Mishra, AGM/SWR. On this occasion, Jaipal Singh, Principal Chief Electrical Engineer; Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Director of Railways, Hubballi and other key Heads of Departments, Bhesh Dutt, Divisional Principal Mechanical Engineer (Diesel Loco Shed), Diesel Shed Employees, Union Representatives were present.

Additionally, PKMishra, Additional Managing Director, South Western Railway, inaugurated a Locomotive Engine Lube Oil Storage Facility in the Diesel Shed, Hubballi, in the presence of Sanjeev Kishore, Managing Director, South Western Railway. The lube oil storage facility was built by M/s. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

As part of Swachatha Pakhwada, Shramdan and tree planting was also carried out with the participation of the chief executive and all other officers.

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