How much money can you have tax-free and which exemptions are there?

The Tax and Customs Administration not only levies tax on your income, but also on your equity. This capital falls into box 3 and, in addition to savings, consists of investments and a possible second home. You can deduct debts from your equity capital under certain conditions. Read the article below and get an answer to the question “how much can you save tax-free?”

How much can you save tax-free?

How much can you save tax-free?

You do not pay tax on the first part of your assets. In 2019 the limit is 30,360 euros. You therefore only pay capital gains tax on your equity that exceeds this limit on 1 January of the relevant calendar year. Tax partners benefit from a double tax-free limit of 60,720 euros on the joint capital.

Note: As stated above, the amounts mentioned apply to your total assets, not just to your savings. To answer the question “How much can I save tax-free?” you must therefore also take into account the value of your investments, a possible second home and debts.

How much money tax-free – Extra exemption


In addition to the general exemption, in some cases you are entitled to an additional exemption. These extra exemptions are in addition to the general exemption and therefore provide a higher tax-free allowance. You benefit from an additional exemption in the following cases:

  • You build up a supplementary pension on a bank savings account or annuity insurance policy. Your fiscal annual and reservation margin determines how much you can accrue up to tax-free. In the article ‘Exemption from bank savings’ you can read how exactly this exemption works and how you calculate how much pension you can accrue tax-free yourself.
  • You invest in green funds or you save on a green savings account. The green investment fund or the green savings account must then have a green certificate. The extra exemption for this is a maximum of 58,539 euros, or 117,078 euros for tax partners.
  • You have cash or comparable property rights, such as a chip card. This additional exemption amounts to 534 euros, or 1,068 for tax partners.

In addition to these exemptions, you may deduct your debts in excess of 3,000 euros from your equity. However, this does not apply to mortgage debts and debts with a (remaining) term of one year or less. For tax partners you can deduct debts in excess of 6,000 from your assets.