How to get the tram pass


Players will quickly discover that the world of hollow knight is vast. Running from place to place can be time consuming, especially when revisiting areas the player has already discovered. As many of Hallownest’s paths are interconnected, players will have great use of Cornifer’s maps to keep track of their whereabouts and to map out their routes before setting out to explore.

Players can use Stagways to travel between stations hollow knight, as well as setting a fast travel point with the Dream Gate after collecting enough Essence for the Seer after getting the Dream Nail. The third way for players to reach different locations quickly is on trams, but they cannot be used until players collect a tram pass.


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Find the tram pass

In the northern part of Deepnest, to the left of the highest bench through a large opening in the wall, players can find the Broken down tram. This unfinished tram system is the remnant of a project abandoned after the weavers of Deepnest refused to follow the Pale King and is now home to creatures that lurk in the dark.

Carver Hatchers are flying enemies that do not attack the player directly initially and will instead attempt to create distance by spitting Dirtcarvers, which either crawl towards their targets or bury them underground and ambush them. If the Carver Hatcher has spawned five Dirtcarvers, then it will begin swooping towards the player in an attempt to bite them. It is recommended that players take down the Carver Hatchers first so as not to be overwhelmed during battle.

Continuing left along this path, players can find a Lifeblood Cocoon if they use the Mantis Claw to scale the wall, as well as a path down to drop into what would have been one of the carts used in the tram. On the far right inside the tram carriage is a lever that needs to be pressed to open a door on the left.

Just above this next area is another lever that can be interacted with to open another door, and players should keep moving to the left where three Carver Hatchers await them. After defeating them, players must enter the tram cart through the roof to find the Tram Pass shines in the corner.

Use of the tram pass

Obtaining the Tram Pass will allow players to use either tram in Hallownest indefinitely. The closest tram station to players after collecting the Pass is southeast of Deepnest, near Nosk Arena. This is the Southern Tramway which runs between Deepnest, the Ancient Basin and Kingdom’s Edge, while the Northern Tramline stops at the Forgotten Crossroads and Rest Grounds.

Whichever station players decide to go to, the Tram Pass can be inserted into the door of the tram and players can rest on a bench inside and choose to travel to another destination.

hollow knight is available on PC, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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