Indian Railways to complete Bairabi-Sairang railway line project by 2023



The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) in India has announced its intention to complete the new Bairabi-Sairang railway line project in the northeastern state of Mizoram by March 2023.

The NFR is one of Indian Railways’ 18 rail zones.

The project received a boost after the central government in its recent 2021-22 budget allocated $ 137 million to the Bairabi-Sairang project, with the aim of connecting all state capitals in the country’s northeast region. , reported LiveMint.

Under this project, four stations will be built from Bhairabi, namely Hortoki, Kawnpui, Mualkhang and Sairang.

In a statement, NFR said: “Better rail connectivity will lead to economic development not only for the people of Mizoram, but also for the entire northeast region. State traders will be able to bring in daily consumer items, as well as building materials in a much cheaper, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. Farmers in the state will be able to send their produce to the larger individual state market at a lower rate and within a limited time frame. “

The 51.38 km long Bairabi-Sairang railway line project received authorization in 2008-2009.

The entire project is expected to cost $ 756 million and approximately $ 516 million has already been spent on the implementation of the project.

There will be approximately 55 major bridges and 87 minor bridges, as well as five Road Upper Bridges (ROB) and six Road Lower Bridges (RUB) throughout the Project.

The project will also involve approximately 12,639.20 m of excavation works.

In addition, nearly 487.47 ha of land will be acquired and earthworks of 35 million m³ will be carried out for this project.



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