KARDEMİR, National Production Locomotive

Ministry Institution KARDEMİR Local Production Locomotive

Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change of the Republic of Turkey, also visited KARDEMİR as part of the program he organized in Karabük. The program, which began with KARDEMİR Managing Director Necdet Utkan’s company presentation at the Education and Culture Center’s conference hall, continued with the institution’s speeches. Chairman of the Board Alparslan Bayraktar presented the first Turkish iron plate to the Minister.

After Necdet Utkanlar’s presentation, which included the general introduction of KARDEMİR and ongoing environmental investments, as well as planned works in social facilities in Yenişehir region, the Minister’s speech was delivered. Referring to the importance of KARDEMİR for the economy of the city, the region and the country, the Authority expressed its thanks for the investment where the company’s 12 chimneys can be monitored online by the ministry . Kardemir AS Statements by the Minister, who also signed the Honor Book,

“…Kardemir, which is the brand value of our Karabük, a source of bread for thousands of our citizens and one of the favorite establishments of our heavy industry, has always been the pride of our nation from yesterday to today. today. In this sense, both in our city and in our region; It makes great contributions to production, employment, exports and the economy. While Kardemir is a driving force in achieving our goals of nationalizing domestic production in the rail transport, automotive, defense and construction industries…” he stated, Kardemir A.Ş. has a vital role in the 2023, 2053 and 2071 goals in accordance with our state’s Green Development Move.

KARDEMİR Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. After Alparslan Bayraktar presented the first Turkish iron plate, which is the symbol of the company and the city, to the Minister, the dinner was attended by the delegation of the Ministry, the protocol provincial and factory employees.


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