Latest update on the restoration of steam locomotive 46428


The locomotive had been totally stripped by sandblasting and priming the Ivatt frame outside their workshop based at the East Lancashire Railway (ELR) in Bury.

Sandblasting and priming had also been carried out on the boiler, which had been stored in railroad marshalling yards.

Preliminary work has been done on the pony truck assembly and features new swivel pins which were made with the refurbished assembly.

Recently, the restoration made it possible to lift the Ivatt chassis using an ELR mobile rail crane and install it on prepared transit bogies.

Following this, the frame could be rolled in the group’s workshop where it was lifted on trestles so that the restoration assembly work could begin.

Credit: Groupe Bury Standard 4
The Ivatt chassis being lowered onto the transit bogeys outside the Group's workshop.
Credit: Groupe Bury Standard 4

During the same period of work, the boiler was also moved and notched in position just outside the group’s workshop.

The drive wheels have already been folded down ready for use and the new steel for the cab roof has been unloaded nearby.

Placing all major Ivatt parts close to the workshop means assembly can now begin!

The Ivatt boiler and the drive wheels in position outside the Group's workshop.
Credit: Groupe Bury Standard 4
Installation of the Ivatt boiler outside the workshop.
Credit: Groupe Bury Standard 4

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