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“The damage from Storm Arwen is among the worst we have ever seen in the Northwest”

Hundreds of engineers from Electricity North West continue to work on the region’s power grid still under the effects of Storm Arwen.

Electricity North West has deployed engineers across Cumbria, Lancashire and Peak to tackle severe damage from the worst storm the North West has seen since 2015.

Hazardous conditions, including strong winds and heavy snowfall, resulted in more than 600 separate incidents of power grid damage, resulting in power cuts to 92,000 properties.

Engineers successfully restored power to 81,000 properties and today Electricity North West has also recruited 16 additional airline crews from the South East and Isle of Man.

Stephanie Trubshaw, Director of Customers and Incident Manager for Electricity North West, said: “The damage from Storm Arwen is among the worst we have ever seen in the Northwest.

“It is extremely serious and widespread throughout the region and that is why we have mobilized other resources from across the country to help combat the incidents.”

Power grid repairs include removing trees from lines, repairing broken lines and poles damaged by flying debris and falling trees.

In addition to additional resources to help restore power, Electricity North West is also working with partners such as Cumbria County Council and the British Red Cross, while food vans are also being dispatched to areas of Cumbria. .

Stephanie Trubshaw added, “We understand that this is an extremely difficult situation for all of our customers who have been affected.

“Our customer contact center has handled over 50,000 inbound calls and we are still proactively reaching out to those on our priority service registry.

“I assure everyone that we are doing everything possible and that our teams are working tirelessly to ensure that the power is restored. “

Customers are advised to check the website and social media for updates and advice, and to call 105 only if the issue is urgent to help prioritize those most in need of assistance, or to report dangerous situations such as downed lines.

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