Lugansk region railway station comes under fire again – Reuters



Photos from the Telegram channel #zalizni_zmini

The Kindrashivs’ka-Nova railway station in Ukrainian-controlled territory immediately north of the occupied city of Lugansk in eastern Ukraine was again bombed.

The station, a locomotive depot and a nearby kindergarten came under fire.

Bombings have taken place several times in recent days, but the employees of the Ukrainian railways have not been injured.

A locomotive has been damaged but is not beyond repair.

On February 19, Ukrainian Railways CEO Oleksandr Kamyshin drove to the station amid regular bombardment.

He said the location of the Kindrashivs’ka-Nova station means that the occupying troops are standing directly across a river from the station on a hill less than 10 kilometers from the occupied town. from Luhansk.

Mr Kamyshin said his trip was prompted by the need to support Ukrainian Railways staff working at the station under now-daily bombardment.

19 people work at the station and 45 at the adjacent locomotive depot.

He added that Ukrainian Railways services in the region continue to operate on schedule.

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