NETS appeals for public support to resolve lane issues


The Nelson Electric Tramway Society is asking the public to help raise $80,000 to fix track issues in the Chahko Mika Mall parking lot.

In a press release, the Nelson Electric Tramway Society, an underground stability assessment must take place as soon as possible so that the historic Nelson Electric Tramway, also known as the tram, can operate and open in May 2022 for locals. and visitors.

“$80,000 is needed for this assessment,” NETS said.

“Funds are raised through community donations and pending grants, which we hope will materialize.”

“Other organizations and the City of Nelson are helping where they can, but we also need (public) help.”

NETS said the tracks in the parking lot of the Chahko Mika shopping center are beginning to gradually separate, diverging further, which could lead to a derailment of the tram.

NETS said the sleepers (timber) are buried under the concrete and to complete the assessment, approximately 50 to 70 feet of track, extending two feet on either side of the track, must be excavated and assessed. .

“Timing is crucial for the tram to be ready for operation in May,” NETS said.

The tram is a tourist attraction as well as part of Nelson’s heritage, first operating in 1899.

The Company is entering its 30th year of operation and the tram, which turns 116 this year, needs constant attention to ensure it operates safely.

“Constant upkeep also requires funding,” NETS said.

“Please support this necessary fundraising initiative to ensure that the tram, which is part of Nelsons character and heritage, is preserved and accessible for years to come.”

Send donations using this link.

Work crews clear debris from lanes that require assessment at the west entrance of Chahko Mika Mall. —Facebook picture


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