New multi-million pound railway line to Gloucestershire ‘to go ahead’



Ambitious plans to reopen a railway line in Gloucestershire are advancing, and the team behind the proposals say the multi-million pound project will continue.

The Cirencester Community Railway Project was set up with the aim of restoring the railway line between Kemble and Cirencester – closed by Dr Beeching in the 1960s.

The town station has been replaced by a parking lot and what is now Waitrose.

But the group intends to reopen it with what is called the Very Light Railway on a single 8 km track between the two cities.

A new bridge is expected to be built and the trains would use the latest technology reducing the project’s carbon footprint and using the latest virus security techniques.

In total, it is expected to cost £ 52million, but could mean millions more are brought to the local economy by connecting Cirencester to Kemble and then to London.

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A spokesperson for the group said: “Unless something very strange happens, this continues. It will happen. It’s very exciting for the team.

The very light railroad is cheaper to install and maintain than the traditional rail and allows the use of electric cars running on railroad tracks, able to be recharged in a few minutes. Each car has 20 seats but can carry up to 75 passengers.

Top air conditioning would force airborne particles down, meaning there is less risk of infection while traveling on board.

Two vehicles would travel in opposite directions and intersect at the station where the line runs near the Royal Agricultural University with services every 20 minutes

A new bridge on the A429 is expected to be built and the line would cross the Bathurst area.

A feasibility study was due to take place last year to see if there were any major reasons that would prevent this from going forward, but the pandemic meant they weren’t able to get it started.

But figures modeled by the University of Southampton showed the number of passengers would increase as more people move around the Cirencester area and have to travel to their headquarters in London.

The spokesperson said: “Suddenly a lot more people are using our service.”

The group received greater confidence about the project after securing funding from the Ministry of Transportation to conduct more in-depth investigations into the project.

A spokesperson for the group said: “The Department of Transport has looked at the proposal, analyzed it carefully and it is not known for giving money unnecessarily and decided it was worth it. . and it’s a great asset when you come to talk to others about [further] funding. And just give the project momentum. “

Currently, the proposed route would start from Kemble before branching off to pass through Royal Agricultual University and would also serve Cirencester College, Deer Park School and Chesterton Development before ending near downtown Cirencester.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We are one of the few college towns that don’t have a train station and have a club that you don’t want to be a member of.

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