New railway line directly connects the port of Gdansk and Ukraine



A new direct service has been launched between the port of Gdansk and Ukraine. Via the border hub of Mostyska, the cargo is distributed to several locations in Ukraine, including the port of Odessa. The train from the Polish port reaches the Ukrainian border within five days.

The round trip is being initiated by the Odessa-based logistics company Global Ocean Link (GOL), with support from the Maersk Line. GOL has its own container fleet of over 150 TEUs and, as it points out, can provide SOC equipment to customers if needed.

Gdansk-Ukraine line

Baltic Black Sea Corridor

The new line is launched just as Poland and Ukraine are expanding land transport options. What was previously mainly overseas could also be transported overland by rail, both countries agree. They jointly launched the Black Sea-Baltic Intermodal Corridor, which is expected to facilitate the transport of goods from the Greater Black Sea Area to Poland, Baltic ports and Scandinavia.

There are many advantages to using the port of Gdansk, rather than Ukrainian Black Sea ports, agrees GOL. For example, the Polish port is located close to western markets, and transit time to or from major ports in China and the United States is significantly less. But there are also economic benefits, says the company. “Freight from China can be much cheaper, as can the cost of loading and unloading operations. In addition, there are possibilities to set tariffs over a long period.

Eyes on Mostyska

Although this is the first direct line to Gdansk, GOL has long focused on the Mostyska II border post. In April of last year, he launched the first train from Poland to Ukraine at this point, calling at various locations in both countries. It did so in cooperation with PCC Intermodal.

“The cross-border terminal has a large capacity to facilitate rail traffic to Ukraine, as well as transit traffic,” said Vladimir Huz, associate partner of the company. With the latter, he evokes transit traffic to the Far East, an opportunity that can translate into a real acceleration of traffic.

Poland-Ukraine traffic

The traffic between Poland and Ukraine has increased significantly between 2018-2020. Traffic from Poland to Ukraine increased by 55% in 2019 compared to the previous year. In the other direction, the numbers even saw a 132 percent increase, both counted in TEUs.



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