Nigeria: 700 companies bid for N12 billion rail projects


More than 700 companies are jostling to win contracts awarded by the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) for its 2022 financial year.

Procurement Manager, Ben Iloanusi, revealed during the opening of tenders at the NRC headquarters in Lagos that the companies had submitted tender documents for the projects valued at over N12 billion for the railway projects of 2022.

Iloanusi explained that the NRC did not start the assessment, authentication and validation as the opening was simply for the verification of documents submitted by companies in accordance with the eligibility criteria stated in the announcements.

He said: “We just check the documents. If the documents are complete, we check. Some of these companies, if their documents are not complete, they are subject to automatic disqualification at this stage. However, we have not yet disqualified any company, because we just started checking the documents.”

Iloanusi further stated that the NRC, to improve the bidding process, has conducted training for desk officers handling submitted documents and has developed a process and procedure document which desk officers use as guide to dispel any doubt.

Speaking earlier, the representative of the Managing Director of NRC, Mr. Niyi Ali, who is the company’s COO, said the company has made the process transparent in accordance with the Public Procurement Act.

He said: “As you can see we have strictly adhered to the Public Procurement Act 2007 as amended, and the tenders are for capital projects such as locomotive repairs, spare parts, works civil engineering, etc.

Ali added that the NRC will continue to improve the bidding process every year.

He said: “Today one of the things we have done better is we have controlled access to the premises. We also have highly trained security personnel and all the support agencies needed here to assist with the process.”


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