North Yorkshire Moors Railway green light for locomotive overhaul thanks to generous inheritance

BR Standard 4 tank #80135 will be overhauled through a legacy donation.

With the remaining funds NYMR has from the Bridge and Wheels Appeal, the heritage railroad is able to restart the overhaul of the historic locomotive that first entered service in April 1956.

Tenders are currently being solicited from external contractors to fabricate the replacement interior combustion chamber using materials already in NYMR stock as well as a complete boiler overhaul.

The locomotive frames and running gear will also be restored and finished.

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NYMR CEO Chris Price said: “We are extremely grateful to Clifford Luff for remembering NYMR in his will.

“While it is difficult to predict the exact times for the completion of the locomotive, this generous legacy has enabled us to put the overhaul of 80135 on the priority list.

“It will be wonderful to see the two sister locomotives (80135 and 80136) working side by side for the enjoyment of our visitors and members.

“80135 will be completed ready to operate trains through the NYMR at Whitby as a network rail registered locomotive.”

Donations and legacies left to NYMR help secure its future and are gratefully received to ensure that generations of visitors can continue to enjoy this heritage experience.

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