Patricia the locomotive joins the East Yorkshire Heritage Railway


East Yorkshire’s only heritage railway has taken delivery of its second locomotive.

“Patricia” made the trip from Hull to her new home in Fimber, where a new fundraising campaign is underway to get the locomotive back in working order for the Yorkshire Wolds Railway (YWR).

More than two years of negotiations took place before Patricia, a 424 0-6-0 Fowler series locomotive powered by a supercharged 12-liter Rolls Royce six-cylinder engine, could join the growing YWR fleet.

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Graham Danby, a member of YWR, who led the operation, said: “By working closely with donors in Hull, we had to make sure everything was on site and with documentation, well before a wheel of the locomotive can move.

“He has been in his current house for several years and the tracks leading there have required a lot of clearance work to allow him to escape.

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From left to right, Geoff Pickering, Phil Robson, Alan Brown, Andy Barwick, Graham Danby and Alan Cooper with the Patricia locomotive

“We were very lucky and grateful that South Cave Tractors was on hand to help us. They brought a whole new rail-road Unimog, which proved invaluable in getting us out of the locomotive.

Now there, the hard work can begin to get the locomotive back into regular service at Fimber Halt.

Andy Barwick, YWR, said: “The locomotive is not in bad shape, but it needs to work on all aspects of the mechanical side to get it into service.

“For example, key components such as the air compressor and positioning bracket need to be replaced and we are actively researching these from our small supplier bank.

“The first priority, however, will be to make sure the cabin is waterproof again by installing new windows and gaskets all around.”

To support the restoration, a fundraising campaign called “Fund The Fowler” was launched.

Phil Robson, President of YWR, said, “This is the biggest locomotive in YWR and as such will have a big bill to bring it to life, but it will be worth it.

“This will give us the option of running two independent locomotives, or we could couple them together to create quite a spectacle.”

Yorkshire Wolds Railway formed in 2008
Yorkshire Wolds Railway formed in 2008

YWR already operates the Sir Tatton Sykes locomotive, with visitors able to take cab rides.

“We have set the fundraising target for the mechanical aspect of the restoration at £ 6,000 and we would be happy to receive any donation – large or small – to help us achieve this goal.

“We hope that in the not too distant future, we can move Patricia along our newly expanded platform so that visitors can see elements of the restoration up close.”

YWR, which formed in 2008 exactly 50 years after the closure of the Malton and Driffield Junction Railway, will be open until the end of October and is always ready to engage new people.

Anyone interested in becoming a member or volunteering, donating or finding out more can visit the Yorkshire Wolds Railway website or call 01377 338053 for more information.

Anyone wishing to donate to “Fund the Fowler” can do so through the YWR website.


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