Payday Loans

A truly immortal fixed star of the domestic non-banking market. Payday loans break records at a rate of almost every month, in just a few tens of seconds you can have your cash on demand in your bank account.

This is what you need when you are in a hurry, and you can take advantage of the great offer of a first free loan. You pay in time – this is equal to interest pressed to zero. Convenient, what do you say?


No risk, plus a really quick form

payday credit

Simply and very quickly, this is what it is all about. You do not have to expose yourself to risk, you will have money in your account in minutes. Give your trust to a proven non-banking company, which is already a clear fixture on the domestic market and offers its services to all regardless of age or social status. Then you can not miss it, it is absolutely fair offer, negotiation is a matter of moments.


What other benefits does this type of loan have?

payday loan

  • Low interest . They are practically compressed to the bottom.

  • Transparent conditions . These are fixed and will never change. You can count on maximum fairness, that is quite clear.

  • You will not be checked in the debtors’ registers , nor will the loan be completely without purpose. After all, hand on your heart, who should be interested, what do you want two thousand crowns for?

Payday loans have been operating on the domestic market for several years and their services have been used by several hundred thousand satisfied clients. A simple solution to a difficult situation, precisely in such a way that the whole thing could be marked. You will not need long forms, confirmation of all kinds and several stamps. It will be much easier than you think. You will be almost astonished, especially if you have no experience with the non-bank micro-credit market and are expecting the same complications as they had with bank loans a few years ago.

It is also a matter of no risk. Choosing a provider that has a tradition and position on the Czech market will definitely not make a mistake. Quite the contrary! After all, when choosing electronics or food, you also make your choice of brand, right? A popular brand is simply something that cannot be overlooked. It offers proven quality for reasonable money and the same is true in the world of non-bank loans.


Silverfang is the market leader, deserving trust

credit loan

Silverfang is Czech , it has no headquarters and capital in a distant foreign area, which would certainly not be a great confidence. Transparent negotiations, individual loan tailored to the needs of a new or regular client. This is also a guarantee that you will get something you really want. Up to seven thousand for newcomers, up to twenty thousand for those returning to Silverfang for a loan.