Rail fares rise for second time in a week



In view of rising oil prices and other financial constraints, Pakistan Railways on Saturday announced an increase in fares for all express passenger trains by 5% and freight charges for all freight trains by 10%.

The increase in train fares, which follows a 15% hike announced earlier this week, will come into effect on June 21 (Tuesday).

According to the details, after the recent sharp increase in the prices of petroleum products, the increase will be 5% for intercity, postal and express trains as well as for other passenger trains. Fares for freight trains running on secondary lines across the country have been increased by 10%.

The recent increase in fares, which is accompanied by a constant inflationary trend and soaring fuel prices, will impose a heavy financial burden on passengers traveling by choosing the cheap trip across the country while limiting their mobility and their day-to-day activities.

It can be mentioned that the prices of basic commodities, fruits, vegetables and other essentials continue to attract an upward trend, making the lives of ordinary people miserable.

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Earlier this week, Federal Railways Minister Saad Rafique announced that express train fares would be increased by 10% while freight fares would be hiked by 15% given the recent spike in fuel prices.

However, the railways minister said fares for normal passenger trains would see no increase to reduce the financial burden on low-income commuters. “Rising fuel prices result in fiscal loss of 8 billion rupees per year or 740 million rupees per month for the railways,” he told reporters at a press conference at the headquarters of the railways. railroads.

Saad Rafique said the higher tariffs would result in savings of 1 billion rupees for the railways. He said the current revenue of the railways was 53.3 billion rupees while their deficit was over 37 billion rupees which is expected to swell to 45 billion rupees.

Criticizing Pakistan’s Tehreek-i-Insaf government, he said it had caused massive destruction to the PR – a department he said was profitable during the 2013-18 PML-N regime.


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