Railroad engineer pulls off bizarre scam and illegally sells locomotive engine to Mafia junkyard


In a strange incident, an engineer working at the Samastipur Railway Division in Bihar sold a railway locomotive engine. sold the entire locomotive engine.

The man has been identified as Rajiv Ranjan Jha, a railroad worker who managed to pull off this scam where he sold an old steam engine lying at Purnea Court station to the junkyard mafia by showing fake office orders from DME, according to multiple reports. The unrest erupted when a gendarme on duty, Sangeeta Kumari, opened an investigation. Based on his report, now on the statement of RPF Inspector MM Rahman, an FIR was recorded at the Banmanki post in Mandal late Sunday evening.

To prevent the case from coming to light, with the help of an inspector working at the Diesel Shed Post, an entry was also made on the hangar entry register to seize scrap pickup van.

The disturbance began when, on December 14, 2021, engineer Rajiv Ranjan Jha of Samastipur Diesel Shed, along with assistant Sushil Yadav, discovered that an old steam engine that had been standing for years near the station of Purnia Court was cut with a gas cutter. When the Purnea outpost manager MM Rahman R arrested the engineer, showing the DME letter from the diesel shed, gave a written memo to the RPF that the engine scrap was to be returned to the shed at diesel.

The next day Constable Sangeeta saw the entrance to the scrap metal pickup, but the scrap was not available. Sangeeta informed the authorities.

In this case, on the basis of the statement of the inspector of the RPF MM Rahman located at Purnea Court, an FIR was registered Sunday evening at the Banmanki post of Mandal in which seven people including the engineer Rajiv Ranjan Jha, the assistant Sushil Yadav were indicted.

On the other hand, by order of DRM Alok Agarwal, besides engineer and assistant, Inspector Virendra Dwivedi stationed at Diesel Shed Post was suspended with immediate effect while the RFP is looking for Jha was now on the run.

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Posted on: Monday December 20, 2021 10:56 PM IST


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