Railway engineer and other officials sell vintage steam engine for scrap in Bihar


An engineer from the Eastern Central Railway in Bihar allegedly sold a vintage steam engine as scrap metal in collusion with several railway officials.

The shocking case recently came to light as a result of which Samastipur diesel hangar engineer Rajeev Ranjan Jha and his assistant Sushil Yadav were suspended and an FIR was registered in the case.

On December 14, 2021, Rajeev Ranjan Jha and Sushil Yadav were found dismantling a steam engine at Purnia station using gas cutters.

While the old steam engine, a holdover from the history of the railways, lay in the Purnia courthouse for more than three decades, the head of the Railroad Protection Force (RPF) of the outpost de Purnia, MM Rahman, found his dismantling unusual and doubted the engineer.

But the accused quickly showed Rahman an “order” issued by the Division Mechanical Engineer (DME) to dismantle the steam engine and return it to the Samastipur rail shed.

On December 15, a constable stationed at the railroad shed saw an entry in the register of a vehicle with the steam locomotive. But he couldn’t find the steam engine when he looked for it in the hangar.

The dismantled steam engine was actually sold en route to the Samastipur railway shed, about 180 km from Purnia Station, which is part of the Samastipur division of the Eastern Central Railway.

The “DME command” was also found to be spoofed. After DME Sanjay Paswan confirmed to the Purnia court responsible for the RPF that he had issued no orders, a forgery and criminal association case was filed on December 19 against Jha, Yadav and five other officials of the RPF. RPF Banmankhi post at Rahman post. complaint. The accused are said to be on the run.

Samastipur’s District Railways (DRM) Director Alok Agrawal told reporters that after suspending the accused engineer and assistant, a deputy inspector stationed at the diesel shed, Virendra Dwivedi, also had been suspended for negligence in his duty.

The DRM called the sale of the old steam engine a “breach of trust” by railroad insiders.

Samastipur’s divisional safety commissioner AK Lal said the department was trying to find out where the steam locomotive was sold as scrap. Its price was also in the process of being determined.

Purnia Court Station is one of the oldest stations in Bihar. It is marked as the “last station” under the Eastern Central Railway in the state.


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